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Cellebrite Physical Analyzer license

Feb 22, 2022
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Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, Logical Analyzer, Reader, and UFED Cloud introduce new examination and validation capabilities:

  • Translation enhancements
  • Support for Apple Pay
  • iOS wipe data parsed
  • Support for additional iOS Snapchat snaps
  • iOS General parsing enhancements
  • Support for 53 new app versions for iOS and Android devices.

Developer's website

License cost for 1 PC

Cellebrite UFED Physical Analyzer 7.56 - $50
Cellebrite UFED Physical Analyzer 7.59 - $100


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Feb 22, 2022
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Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.57 update

Physical Analyzer version 7.57.1 support the latest GrayKey iOS extraction

New examination & validation capabilities
Dongle version info in license details
Samsung Rubin - additional artifacts
Facebook Messenger offline account - iOS
Snapchat Gallery enhancements
iOS Wi-Fi know networks
Telegram Android - deleted messages
Windows 11 is certified of Physical Analyzer installation
Python integration changes - for more information, please refer to the section "Python integration" in the user guide for Physical Analyzer 7.57

New UFED cloud capabilities
Snapchat messages
WhatsApp google backup
Feb 22, 2022
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Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.58 update

introduces new examination & validation capabilities

Support for iOS 17 Native Messages
Support for Samsung Pass
Support for Facebook Messenger Secret Chat iOS
Support for Samsung Locked Note
Microsoft Windows 10 & 11 updates issues were resolved

New Cloud examination capabilities
Support for Samsung Backup

important solved issue
WhatsApp IOS call aggregation (Case 00647743) 0 in aggregation calls (iOS), PA displayed only the first call of the set
Feb 22, 2022
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Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.59 update

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer version 7.59 introduces new examination & validation capabilities:
Selective decoding for zip file extraction that are non-Cellebrite format
Expanded support for iOS Biome artifact
Crypto phrase of the crypto wallet is now parsed by Physical Analyzer
Warrant return improvements; wallet apps, mnemonic Instagram, new Facebook location & social activity artifacts
Samsung browser saves & encrypts the device owner passwords; Physical Analyzer user can now review the decrypted password data
Support for session private messenger
New GPUs supported

Important: Solved Issues
Physical Analyzer Reporting wrong identifier when SIM is replaced in specific cases (IOS) (incident 663781)
The activation time parcer gave different values when the same phone was extracted twice

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